Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some New Stuff :-)

Hello Everyone!!!
I haven't posted in ages.
Let's see I have some cute new stuff to show you
that I made, and some new penpal mail.


A letter from Nanao in Turkey!! She's Japanese
but lives in Turkey with her new husband ♥♥♥

and this one is from Priscilla, She lives in
The Netherlands ^_^

mails been slow lately :-/
I haven't got any penpal letter's in a couple of days 
so not much to show you..

○•◘Out Going .....○◘•

My Crafts :-)

Some boxes I learned to make over the weekend
Cute huh?

Some Atc's I made for my Swaps on Swap-Bot.com
One is for a BestFriend Atc Swap 
I did with Samantha...

The other one is for a Girly Art Card and Lipstick Swap!!

I made this because I was online searching for something cute
to put all my out going mail in.
I hate clutter on my desk!!!!
When I thought to myself your way to 
crafty to be buying something to put your mail in!!!!!!!
Then I grabbed an old usps box I had laying around and cut it 
up into this beautiful thing :-)

Last but not least a picture of Izzie
being cute !!!

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