Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some New Stuff :-)

Hello Everyone!!!
I haven't posted in ages.
Let's see I have some cute new stuff to show you
that I made, and some new penpal mail.


A letter from Nanao in Turkey!! She's Japanese
but lives in Turkey with her new husband ♥♥♥

and this one is from Priscilla, She lives in
The Netherlands ^_^

mails been slow lately :-/
I haven't got any penpal letter's in a couple of days 
so not much to show you..

○•◘Out Going .....○◘•

My Crafts :-)

Some boxes I learned to make over the weekend
Cute huh?

Some Atc's I made for my Swaps on Swap-Bot.com
One is for a BestFriend Atc Swap 
I did with Samantha...

The other one is for a Girly Art Card and Lipstick Swap!!

I made this because I was online searching for something cute
to put all my out going mail in.
I hate clutter on my desk!!!!
When I thought to myself your way to 
crafty to be buying something to put your mail in!!!!!!!
Then I grabbed an old usps box I had laying around and cut it 
up into this beautiful thing :-)

Last but not least a picture of Izzie
being cute !!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Mail & Atc's ♥

Today has started of to be an interesting day.....
No mail because it's Sunday !! 
But I do have some stuff from earlier in the week to share.
It's so nice out today my windows are open 
and I have a fan in two of them to let in 
some fresh air.
As I write this my dog Izzie is laying in the sunlight next to me on the floor :-)

Ok so for the mail and stuff ♥

 These are 3 atc's I did for swap's I have on 

Cute huh?!?!?


Now for some Penpal Mail!!

These two letters are from Juliet,Uk {Left} 
& Yen,Ca {Right}

Juliet is a new penpal and she has the cutest stationary :-)
She is a very nice person and we have a lot in common.

Yen is from the USA... she always send the longest letters.
I find it very easy to right 6-8 pages to Yen before I even realize it!!

This one is from JoAnne
She live's in Novara, Italy.

This is my first letter from Jo but I think we will be great friends.

the letter on the {left} is from Becky in In, and the 
letter in the {right} is from Christine in Wa!!


Here are some Deco book's I got from a friend 
in the Uk...I though they were interesting.
One is a stamp deco and the other a hat deco!!


♥Out Going Mail ♥

The top one is to Jo from Italy...
bottom one is an envelope I made just for 
Yen !!

{Top left} Tsukasa in Japan,{Top Right} Shelia in Montana,
{Bottom Left} Judy in Alaska, {Bottom Right} Juliet in the Uk.

And here's a pic of Izzie in serious need of a bath lol

Monday, March 12, 2012

○◘Some New Stuff ◘○

I have a bunch of thing's to show you guy's today!!
I went shopping at michael's so I have a bunch of goodie's to show
plus some mail and other neat thing's :-)

My first swap made by me check it out
Girly Art Card + Lipstick Swap 

Here is some of my out going mail...
I tried to send these out a couple of days ago, but the lady at the post office
said I had to fill out custom's forms!!!!
they are my Tea Bag swap from Swap-Bot.com

This is one of my Tea Swaps I got in the mail :-)
and my favorite cup to drink my tea out of .....I Love Frogs.

{My Trip to Michael's}

I got a bunch of great paper!! and some glittery card stock,punch outs,little envie's,
ribbon, embellishments, E-6000 glue,glitter glue,wax sealing set,gelly roll pens,
and some scissors. All for my Penpal/Swapping!!

Some great Button's I got from Brian's {My Husband} Mom Denise, while
visiting  Poppy's house ^_^

Aren't they great?!?!?!
Can't wait to find something to do with them all..
Thank's Denise :-)

The wax seal set i got :-)
I have always wanted one of these...I think they are so cool.
I got some parchment paper to go with it as well. I can't wait to use 
it !!

I recently got Bentley one of those big cat tree thingy's 
I was worried that he wouldn't like it and 
@ 130.00 well that would have really sucked
but he loves it .

I bought a bunch of dangley toys and stapled them on
it so he had lots to play with.


Here's a letter from Becky in Tx...
She sent me a lot of great pic's of her favorite thing's and place's 
in Tx....

.....And this one is from Melissa in New Zealand!!
loved her stationary ^_^


Lyric Book I made for myself and the first page in it....

Lyric Book I made for my Bestfriend Samantha :-)

Harvest moon ATC!!
This is my very frist ATC {Arist Trading Card} It was for
a video game A-Z Swap on www.swap-bot.com

 I drew everything and colored it with colored pencils what do you think?
I hope my Swap partner like's it!!

And last but not least Steve ^_^

eating some nom's !!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

♥○ Share Your Blog ○♥

I recently join Swap-Bot.com
and one of my first swap's was to review and blog about  5 partner's
blogs :-)
Here are my review's !!

This blog is written by Rhonda. She lives in Polk City, FL
with her 2 parakeets Bucky and Leo!!
and her Chinese Pug Buddy.
She had been swapping for 10 years!!
Wow that's a long time huh?
I liked her page it show's alot of her crafts.
I loved the cute cards she made.

I really like this blog the colors and layout were very nice.
It is made by Angie from Nashville who lives with her
Husband,Dog Yo Yo, and Cats Jenny, and Slinky!!
She has 3 children John,Nicki, and Nathan.
She loves to read,drink coffee, herbal tea and do crafts.
She posts some lovely pictures of the dolls she makes 
which are amazing!! You Should check them out!!
She also post pictures of her
cooking and baking which just made me hungry {LOL}
I think I will be coming back to this blog
and you should too ^_^

This blog is done by Bandeau.
She says Shes a big nerd and loves to write and draw!!
Her blog is filled with great pictures.
I love the layout and the design, one of my favorite so far :-)
She also has a book out called
Corporeal Daughters: Family Ties
It's available at Amazon & Kindle!!!
And last but not least she has an online gallery filled with great stuff you should deffinatly check

This Blog is done by Jasmin a 20yr old girl. She goes to college 
for Photography so naturally her blog has some great pictures.
I like the colors used for this blog just like something 
I would use ^_^
Check out her website at http://www.jassphotography.co.uk/

This is a blog by Svetlana.
It is a writng blog and has cool pictures of drawings.
The layout is easy to navigate and the background and colors
are just to plain for my taste :-/
Easy to read but not my usual follow but that doesn't mean it's not a still a great blog:-)
She also list great way to contact her or access her other sites!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mail Call ♥

 Today I went and looked at a house to rent
I Currently live in an apartment in a city area.
The people around here are not very pleasant lol.
The house is in a nice area and its a whole house!! 
I hope we get it ^_^
I have a bunch of new thing's to show you today.
I got a bunch of Fb's and Lb's in the mail
and Some letter's from Penpals. I also got some cool vintage stationary pieces from Ebay ^_^
and some Fb's and Lb's I made to show!!

My letter from Yen in CA,Shelia in MO, and 
Shannon in WA. I love the Wall-E Stamp from Yen ♥


My letter from Yen had some pamphlets from Disneyland :-)
She has just went there with her Boyfriend 
How nice of him huh?
She also sent a Card and a very long letter!!
I love long letter's.

This letter is from Shelia. She is a new penpal and She
has the nicest handwritting ^_^


This was a Fb {FriendShip Book} from Shannon :-)
It was her very first one.
She did a great job huh?
I think so it's very cute.

All the Fb's I got from Sanae in Japan!!
there are 15 of them ^_^
Can't wait to send them out to friends.

These are 2 Fb's I made for some of the people I got labels from out
of the new Lb's I got yesterday...

And some Lb's {Label Bag's}
These are the first Lb's I have ever made I 
even made the envie's myself
What do you think?!?!?


And here is the vintage stationary I picked up on Ebay!!