Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Mail & Atc's ♥

Today has started of to be an interesting day.....
No mail because it's Sunday !! 
But I do have some stuff from earlier in the week to share.
It's so nice out today my windows are open 
and I have a fan in two of them to let in 
some fresh air.
As I write this my dog Izzie is laying in the sunlight next to me on the floor :-)

Ok so for the mail and stuff ♥

 These are 3 atc's I did for swap's I have on

Cute huh?!?!?


Now for some Penpal Mail!!

These two letters are from Juliet,Uk {Left} 
& Yen,Ca {Right}

Juliet is a new penpal and she has the cutest stationary :-)
She is a very nice person and we have a lot in common.

Yen is from the USA... she always send the longest letters.
I find it very easy to right 6-8 pages to Yen before I even realize it!!

This one is from JoAnne
She live's in Novara, Italy.

This is my first letter from Jo but I think we will be great friends.

the letter on the {left} is from Becky in In, and the 
letter in the {right} is from Christine in Wa!!


Here are some Deco book's I got from a friend 
in the Uk...I though they were interesting.
One is a stamp deco and the other a hat deco!!


♥Out Going Mail ♥

The top one is to Jo from Italy...
bottom one is an envelope I made just for 
Yen !!

{Top left} Tsukasa in Japan,{Top Right} Shelia in Montana,
{Bottom Left} Judy in Alaska, {Bottom Right} Juliet in the Uk.

And here's a pic of Izzie in serious need of a bath lol

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