Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello, I Know it's been such a long time 
since I posted !!!
I took a little break as a lot of stuff has been going on
and getting most of my attention, but 
I will be blogging regularly again :-)

So I have a bunch of pictures and some new mail to show you !!

These are from my vacation to Williamsburg,Va.
My husband and I took a little over a weeks long vacation there and 
it was so much fun!!
If you didn't know Colonial Williamsburg is 
a living History Museum representing the History of the city of Williamsburg..Although its not an indoor museum ahaha ...its a whole section of town that is set back in the 1700's..The had buildings dated from 1699-1780 to look at and tons of old fashioned shops!!
They also had a bunch of actors and different tours through buildings that were very interesting to see.
 Here are some pictures from Colonial Williamsburg.

~The Capital Building~
-The Capital Building-

-Painting on the wall in The Capital Building-

-Room inside Capital Building-

~The Governer's Mansion~
-The Governer's Mansion-

 -Desk in the storage room-

 -Garden's of the Mansion-

 -In the Cellar-

-Jars of food in Cellar-

 -The Ballroom entrance-

~Around Town~

 -Lady on the streets-
She was complaining about small pox, and how it shut down her hotel.

 -The Wig Maker-

 -One of the many shop's-

 -Another Shop-

 -Shop Worker-

We also went to the Virginia Living Museum.
I have a ton of pictures off all kinds of animals,birds,reptiles you name it they had it, it seems.
It was so fun because I love to see different 
animals !!!
Here are a few of those pictures.

 -Our walk to get to the animals-

We also went to Busch Gardens but it was so exciting I didn't take many pictures
ahahahahaha... I was having a great time and didn't think about it .
Hopefully my pals from around the world liked my pictures...
I know its always fun to see different things 
from another country :-)

~The Mail~

 -This letters from Becky in Texas ^_^-
 -and some FB"S she sent my way-

-This letter came from Kamila in the Czech Republic-
She always send a bunch of great pictures and little gifts 
for me ^_^

~Out Going Mail~
-For Kamila-
-Inside of Kamila's Letter and a Card I got from 
Colonial Williamsburg-

 -For a New Pal Rosanne In The Netherlands-

So thats it for the mail as of right now, I am expecting some letters
from new pals from all over the world so 
I will post pictures as 
soon as they arrive in my postbox!!

Here are some random pics of some new things I bought
recently :-)

-New Journal-
I love it because its leather, and soo pretty and smells great ahahha

  -I bought myself a Keurig and I LOVE it -

So thats it for now loves.
Until next time which I promise will be soon