Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lots of New stuff ^_^

Hello again!!
My mail has picked up a bit since adding some new penpals
so i have that to show you, as well as
my November Ipsy (MyGlam) Bag!!

I have been subscribed to the My Glam bag for about 3 months now.
They recently changed their name to Ipsy, personally I like my glam better
ha ha ha
I'm also subscribed to Birchbox that hasnt come in yet but when it does I will make a post
with all the goodies inside!!
anyways it comes in my mail so I thought I would 
share it like I do the rest of my mail ^_^

basically they send you 5-6 
makeup samples every month, sometimes 
you get full sized stuff too...
Its a great way to try things you might not have otherwise!

Ipsy always send there stuff in a different 
makeup bag every month were as 
Birchbox just send it in their signature brown box 
with pink tissue paper and ribbon..

Ok now that I've explained everything I will start with my 
Penpal letters ^_^

 This is from my new pal Morgan in 

And this one is from my new pal
Corrina in Germany

Tsukasa in Japan

another new pal
Eugenia in Russia

Aurelie in France

New pal Anna from Poland

and last but not least 
Becky from Texas :-)


Here  are some of my out going
letter to some pals 


My Ipsy Bag

 They always send you a card with all of the info
 for the products you got that month
 in your bag, here's what that looks like...

This month they also sent a coupon for 

For the first product I'll show you the nail polish 
because it was my favorite thing in the bag
this month!! 
I usually do not like glittery nail polish because it reminds 
me of something my little niece would
wear, but this is really pretty and 
would be great to wear for Christmas or New Years Parties ^_^

 For the second product they sent a lip gloss from
BareMinerals I like the color and it has a minty smell and tingle 
when you apply it , although it is a bit sticky on the lips...

 #3 is an eyeshadow sample from The Balm....
I love their packaging it is retro and cute !! 
Not to mention there products are GREAT!!! 
so yeah I was pretty happy to get this one too haha

#4 is an eye pencil from Starlet Cosmetics,
I am not a fan of this pencil :-/
they retail for about 14 bucks and in my opinion 
its just not worth it your money and buy a Mac one for that price ^_^

and the last Sample is of an eyebrow defining gel
from Chella 

I have never heard of them before but I looked them up and
they seem to specialize in eyebrows ^_^
I really like the gel keeps your brows in place nicely after you 
fill them in with powder or pencil !!

So that it for today, hopefully I get my Birchbox in soon!!
<3 Tiffany