Monday, March 5, 2012

♥○ Share Your Blog ○♥

I recently join
and one of my first swap's was to review and blog about  5 partner's
blogs :-)
Here are my review's !!

This blog is written by Rhonda. She lives in Polk City, FL
with her 2 parakeets Bucky and Leo!!
and her Chinese Pug Buddy.
She had been swapping for 10 years!!
Wow that's a long time huh?
I liked her page it show's alot of her crafts.
I loved the cute cards she made.

I really like this blog the colors and layout were very nice.
It is made by Angie from Nashville who lives with her
Husband,Dog Yo Yo, and Cats Jenny, and Slinky!!
She has 3 children John,Nicki, and Nathan.
She loves to read,drink coffee, herbal tea and do crafts.
She posts some lovely pictures of the dolls she makes 
which are amazing!! You Should check them out!!
She also post pictures of her
cooking and baking which just made me hungry {LOL}
I think I will be coming back to this blog
and you should too ^_^

This blog is done by Bandeau.
She says Shes a big nerd and loves to write and draw!!
Her blog is filled with great pictures.
I love the layout and the design, one of my favorite so far :-)
She also has a book out called
Corporeal Daughters: Family Ties
It's available at Amazon & Kindle!!!
And last but not least she has an online gallery filled with great stuff you should deffinatly check

This Blog is done by Jasmin a 20yr old girl. She goes to college 
for Photography so naturally her blog has some great pictures.
I like the colors used for this blog just like something 
I would use ^_^
Check out her website at

This is a blog by Svetlana.
It is a writng blog and has cool pictures of drawings.
The layout is easy to navigate and the background and colors
are just to plain for my taste :-/
Easy to read but not my usual follow but that doesn't mean it's not a still a great blog:-)
She also list great way to contact her or access her other sites!


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