Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mail Call ♥

 Today I went and looked at a house to rent
I Currently live in an apartment in a city area.
The people around here are not very pleasant lol.
The house is in a nice area and its a whole house!! 
I hope we get it ^_^
I have a bunch of new thing's to show you today.
I got a bunch of Fb's and Lb's in the mail
and Some letter's from Penpals. I also got some cool vintage stationary pieces from Ebay ^_^
and some Fb's and Lb's I made to show!!

My letter from Yen in CA,Shelia in MO, and 
Shannon in WA. I love the Wall-E Stamp from Yen ♥


My letter from Yen had some pamphlets from Disneyland :-)
She has just went there with her Boyfriend 
How nice of him huh?
She also sent a Card and a very long letter!!
I love long letter's.

This letter is from Shelia. She is a new penpal and She
has the nicest handwritting ^_^


This was a Fb {FriendShip Book} from Shannon :-)
It was her very first one.
She did a great job huh?
I think so it's very cute.

All the Fb's I got from Sanae in Japan!!
there are 15 of them ^_^
Can't wait to send them out to friends.

These are 2 Fb's I made for some of the people I got labels from out
of the new Lb's I got yesterday...

And some Lb's {Label Bag's}
These are the first Lb's I have ever made I 
even made the envie's myself
What do you think?!?!?


And here is the vintage stationary I picked up on Ebay!!


  1. Enjoyed looking at your blog! Loved the nice fb's you got from Japan. I also liked your fb's you made!
    Kraftykj swap bot