Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today I got a Letter from my new Penpal 
Jami, in IL.
Here's here letter and the one I sent back with a deco I made!!!

 Last night while on the phone with my friend Samantha I was making this Deco for her
It's the one I sent out to Jami to get it started!

And this is another Deco I made for myself the other night
Because I love Frog's <3

And here's a Post Card I got from Yen in California
She got it for me while at Disney Land!!
So nice that she thought of me ^_^

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday ^_^

Hello, Everyone.
Today I woke up and decided I would post some outgoing mail
and a couple of things I made the other night.
I love making all kinds of new things and when I was at the bookstore
I found these lovely bookmarks called "book thongs"
I thought they were so pretty!!!
Soon after I got it home and stuck it in the book I was reading
Bentley{The Cat} decided he wanted it for himself!
I found it behind my coat closet door in pieces!!
So rather than pay 7 dollars for a new one i decided to make some myself....

{Some Out Going Mail}
Juliet in the UK,Cara from Pennsylvania,Priscilla from 
The Netherlands,Sam from Ny,Kristen from North Carolina,Kamila from
Czech Republic, and Ronnie from Canada !!!

A card I got in the mail from my Best Friend Sam
She's soooo sweet ^_^

My desk while making my book thongs ^_^
and eating Pocky sticks!!
The book is #1 of the House Of Night Series
I got from my Mom for X-Mas!!

And last but not least the finished Book Thongs ^_^

Sunday, February 19, 2012

No mail Sunday :-(

Since there is no mail today to show you I decided to show you my out going mail for tomorrow.
Also a couple of cute things I recently got :-)

Two letters to Penpals I need to send out on Monday !!
The Hello kitty one is home made stationary.The letter sheets are also pink hello kitty.
I hope she likes them ^_^

The Flowery one is one of my favorite sets I currently have it is so pretty Don't you think?
that letter is going to Akina in Japan <3

~~Here are the backs~~

Here are just some things to fill the blog for today because of the no mail problem with sundays :-)
I got this huge Valentines Day card from my hubby. 
I thought it was cute and wanted to share it with everyone.

I love being surprised with stuff like this !!!

Lastly here's a picture of my very first Tea Cup ^_^

Isn't it so pretty?!?!?
It has a picture of the Colosseum how neat :-)
I love Ancient history so I was super happy to find this as my first tea cup for my collection.
Until next time -Tiffany

Friday, February 17, 2012

In The Mail Today ^_^

Here's what was in Today's Mail from my pen-pal's.

The purple letter came from Miss Ronnie in Okotoks, Canada !!
She wrote to me on very cute purple stationary with a woman in a red hat petting a cat on it :-)
Her stamps were of a bumble bee and the other of a fox ^_^

Sorry its blurry i took the photo's with my IPod this morning....

The Hello Kitty/Sesame Street one came from my friend Tsukasa, In Japan!
She also sent me some very cute stickers. Hello kitty because I love anything Hello Kitty, and some shaped like little chocolates ^_^

Her stamp was very pretty as well !!!!

And last but not least my friend Yen from California. She sent me a letter on my most favorite stationary yet  ^_^ 
With a picture of her cute dog choi

And her stamp was of a clipper ship ;-)

Well that's it for now Im going to try to take a nap, I was up all night with a friend :-)