Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How was Your Easter?!?!?

Hello everyone. How was Your Easter?
Good I hope....
My Husband and I had dinner with his family it was nice to see
everyone :-)
and always nice to see Poppy!!!!

here are a few things I have got in the mail recently..

A letter from my penpal Jami :-)

2 Letters from Becky in Texas!! and a Birthday package for me.
How nice of her right?!?!

^ and this is what she got me!!! ^

This pic is from a lipstick and chocolate bar swap 
I did on Swap-Bot.com
she sent me way more goodies though!!

These are also from swaps I did with Samantha {My Bestfreind}
arent they great? I love em'

and a letter from Aya in Japan..

Here are some pictures of things I have made !!!!

My first Mail Art to Yen, in Ca -USA.

 An ATC for Anime A-Z Letter {A}

And this is an envelope I decorated for a 
Paranormal Delight Swap I am in
on Swap-Bot.com

and last but not least Izzie with her freshly washed Baby...

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