Monday, April 23, 2012

◘•○Some Cool Stuff •◘○

How has everyone been? 
Good I hope !
I have been spending so much time doing crafts
for my swaps on
that I forget to post on my Blog!!!

Here are some of my latest letters and things I have made.
Enjoy ^_^

Here is a letter from my pen-pal Erica in NJ :-)
and the letter I wrote back and will be sending out with today's mail!!

This letter is from a new pen-pal in the UK!!
Her name is Leona ^_^

♥♥♥ CRAFTS ♥♥♥

These 3 Atc's are for a Beauty and the beast
Atc Swap!!

These 2 Atc's are for a {Dia De Los Muertos} or
Day Of The Dead Swap I did ...

These 3 Atc's are for a Lana Del Rey 
Swap I did..
I Love her music!!!

^^ Some Envelopes I made for my Pen-pals !!

Coins from my Friend Juliet in the Uk!!
Her dad finds them while gardening, Isnt that great?!?!!?
I love when she sends me cool stuff like this ^_^

My Vintage 1920's Atc for a swap on

My Vintage Atc with a Bookpage swap !!

Bumble Bee Atc Swap ♥

My Damon Atc for My Vampire Diaries Atc Series Swap!!
I Love it and I really don't want to send it away :-(
but that's what I made it for !!

My Jerseylicious Atc for  Sam's Reality Tv Series Swap

A Postage Stamp Atc I made :-)


Here is my Birthday Package form My Bestfriend Samantha!
Isn't She great?!?!
She always gets me the BEST stuff ^-^

See that Leopard Print Tea Cup?!?!
AMAZING!! My favorite cup now!!

I think she is secretly trying to make me gain weight with
all of that chocolate!!

 In this pic you can see the phone !
I had it on speaker while I was talking to 
Sam and taking these pic's for the blog!!! LoL


And last but not least


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How was Your Easter?!?!?

Hello everyone. How was Your Easter?
Good I hope....
My Husband and I had dinner with his family it was nice to see
everyone :-)
and always nice to see Poppy!!!!

here are a few things I have got in the mail recently..

A letter from my penpal Jami :-)

2 Letters from Becky in Texas!! and a Birthday package for me.
How nice of her right?!?!

^ and this is what she got me!!! ^

This pic is from a lipstick and chocolate bar swap 
I did on
she sent me way more goodies though!!

These are also from swaps I did with Samantha {My Bestfreind}
arent they great? I love em'

and a letter from Aya in Japan..

Here are some pictures of things I have made !!!!

My first Mail Art to Yen, in Ca -USA.

 An ATC for Anime A-Z Letter {A}

And this is an envelope I decorated for a 
Paranormal Delight Swap I am in

and last but not least Izzie with her freshly washed Baby...