Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello Again ...Its been awhile !!

Hello everyone I know it's been quite some time since my last post.
 I have been pretty lazy when it comes to taking pictures, and 
remembering to blog all my letters :-/

Although I haven't been getting as much mail in lately..
When I started my blog I had about 35-40 penpals
which was great being able to hear from 
so many people all over the world,
but a lot of people just write a few letters then
get sick of penpalling, and just stop writing you which sucks...

So I have about 12 currently that write on a regular basis
Im am looking for more though haha
I do have some pictures of the recent letters that 
have come in, also some pictures of mail art I made 
for Samhain or {Halloween} ^_^

 ^ These are some letters from Pal's here in the states ......

 ^ one is from Jami in IL , and the other two are international letters 

~Here's some of my Mail art~

Well I hope you liked my mail art If I do any more I will post pic's soon :-)

I recently started doing some art journalling or 
smash booking haha...

I havent been making Atc's since I quit swap-bot due 
to people's childishness that I really can't take...
I mean I could argue with them all day but I
would rather go there to share my art
not gossip and start trouble so yeah I quit 
because there was to much of that
going on and it wasnt fun anymore.

So yeah I started doing this smash book because I cant just sit around and not be creative hahaha
here's a couple pictures of some pages I did so far ^_^

 ^These pages are just some of my favorite things ^

This one has postcards from my penpals in it :-)

until next time -Tiffany