Friday, January 4, 2013

Mail,Gifts, and other little bits... continued


Hey guy's ^_^
Last time I posted I didn't have time to add everything 
I wanted to show you, so I'll
show you now haha

Ohhhh... I Haven't reviewed any of my Ipsy bags 
because I had to cancel the membership for a couple of months.
When I re-subscribe I'll start doing
reviews again.
Ok so Ill show you some of the other things I got for x-mas
I didn't get to show in the last post.....

 ^ Brian bought me the pair of jeans on the left, and I bought the ones on the right 

^ I got this shirt to go with the jeans I got....

^ These next few pics are of X-mas presents from my 
best-friend Samantha...
She got me a pair of owl earrings because I love owls, 3 two finger rings, one is of the batman symbol I <3 Batman!!! haha
The other two are tea pots with a cup and sugar spoon so cute ^_^

^ She also got me a BF Hello Kitty necklace and some 
Charms for a charm bracelet :-)
The charms are of the Eiffel Tower , an owl, 2 wine glasses that say
pinot grigio haha, and half a bestfriend heart.
I stuck them on the necklace for now 
until I get the rest of the stuff to make the charm bracelet.
I want to get some more charms ^_^

 ^ She also got me 2 lip products lol
One is a stain which I really wanted to try
Its in a dark red color !!
and the other is more of a gloss stick..
I seriously need to get a big makeup case because I have no where to 
put all the makeup I get ahahaha
She also got me a pair of Chopsticks that have hello kitty on them and 2 
bath fizzies... 
The chopsticks are in the kitchen, and I used one bath fizzy
and Brian used the other one 
because it had a dinosaur toy in it and
well he couldn't resist haha..

I really liked this pic she just took and decided to post it here
even though I'd like to slap her at the moment ^_^

Denise {Brian's Mom } bought these 2 wine glasses
for us to use to bad she's sick right now !!!!! lol

Some new Lipsticks I got 
{ From Right to Left }
Vamp it up, Sugar plum fairy, Cherry Bomb, and Dollhouse Pink
For some reason the first one looks almost black but its not haha 
its a wine/purple color.


Here are some things that I just really want to buy haha

^ I love this dress and I really like the thin belt with a dress look !!
Also who doesn't want a pair of sparkly snakeskin shoes?!?!?! 

^ I love this outfit as well...
It's more of an everyday dress and looks super cute and comfy :-)
and Im totally in love with boots!!


Outgoing mail

 Some post cards I got from Barbara Beggs ^_^
I'm sending out to Julia in Germany and Stephanie in Pennsylvania.

Two things I have to send to Sam one is x-mas stuff but Im still waiting for something to arrive
friggin EBAY!!!! and the other is Tea for her kids.

I think that's about it for now I didnt get anything 
in the mail today so no new letters to post about.......

Until next time -Tiffany

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mail,Gifts, and other little bits

Hello Again !!
I have a bunch of mail to show you from new and old penpals.
Also some Christmas/Yule gifts I got this year ^_^

What did everyone do for Christmas?
I went to Upstate Ny to visit my family ^_^
I had a great time even though it was short!!
It is always nice to see everyone again and get to spend time with my Niece Sadie.
My Nephew Levi was not there though which made me a bit sad, but he was spending time with his mothers family for the holidays.

My Mom made us all a nice dinner after we opened up our gifts.
Sadie was so happy to see Brian. It was so cute haha
They played together all night. 
She showed him all of her gifts and kept giving him kisses lol

I got to read her the book I bought her for Christmas and later that night she fell asleep
on the couch with me watching the grinch ^_^

I really wish I was able to spend some time with Levi but I will see him next time  suppose.

As for the pictures of some of my presents ....

I got this Jewelry Box from Brian ^_^
I saw it in the store and just loved the mirrors all around it....
Im so happy he got it for me !


 These 3 are all from the Sanrio store ^_^
Brian got me all this to add to my supply of writing materials for my penpalling ^_^

 I love these Geisha Dolls, so Brian bought me a new one.
The one in front is my new one, the blue one in the back I have had for years 

The Tea sets I got from My Mom and Brian.
The Blue one is cast iron and it has a really pretty design on it, that one I got from my mom.
She also gave me a stocking full of goodies, a Pink NY Mets coffee mug, Pj's,
and A Chai tea sample set.

Brian Got me the other tea set the design on it is also very pretty dont you think?

The next picture is a new set of dishes from Brians Mom Denise.
She also got us a new set of pots and pans ^_^
and I got a puzzle, and a candle which smells amazing !!

Here is a picture of some postcards I got 
at a rest stop on my way to Rome to see my family.

~~~The Mail~~~

These 2 pictures are from Kamila in The Czech Republic !!
She sent some much stuff I couldn't fit it all in 
one picture ^_^

She sent some postcards, pictures of herself, pretty papers,
and a long letter !!

 ^ This letter is from Erica in NJ USA

^ This letter is from Aja in NE, USA

 ^ This letter is my First reply from Zoe in England
I think we will get along well and hopefully 
become great friends !!

^ This package came from my friend Becky in Texas ^_^
No letter just some x-mas presents !!
a bunch of stickers that I love!!
and some cute bags as well.
 Thanks Becky :-)

 ^ This letter came from Ronnie in Canada
Isn't that the cutest X-mas card?!?!

^ This one came from Alexandra who lives in 

 ^ This is from Conny in Germany.
She is also a new pal and I like her very much already...

 ^ A Christmas card from Erica in NJ, USA

 ^ This comes from my pal 
Adrianna in Australia

 ^ This one comes all the way from Russia !
From my very beautiful pal Svetlana ^_^
She sent me a great letter along with some pictures that
I just loved... Also a musical Christmas card how cute!!!
I'm always super excited to get her mail because 
it takes so long for mail to arrive from Russia 
about 22-26 days!!! 

 ^ A Christmas card from my pal Tsukasa
She lives in Japan

 ^This one is from Jami in IL, USA

 ^ This one is from Samantha 
in Canada..She is also a new pal and seems very nice.

~~Here's some of my out going mail~~
 ^ A package for Lana
I hope she likes it!!

 ^ A letter to Adele and Jami

^ Here's just a pic of my stationary drawer ..
I have lots of stationary sets, envies, and deco tapes!!
and theres another drawer just for my stickers maybe
Ill show ya that one next time...

Well I hope you like my newest post
I hope everyone has a great new year!!!!
I'll leave you with a couple random pics haha 
one is of my New Kitty Pandora 
in her x-mas hat...

And the other is of Justin Chatwin from the tv show
Shameless. It's airing again in January and I can't wait!!!!!!!
Sh here's a pic just because I think hes Hot lol

<3 Tiffany