Monday, April 23, 2012

◘•○Some Cool Stuff •◘○

How has everyone been? 
Good I hope !
I have been spending so much time doing crafts
for my swaps on
that I forget to post on my Blog!!!

Here are some of my latest letters and things I have made.
Enjoy ^_^

Here is a letter from my pen-pal Erica in NJ :-)
and the letter I wrote back and will be sending out with today's mail!!

This letter is from a new pen-pal in the UK!!
Her name is Leona ^_^

♥♥♥ CRAFTS ♥♥♥

These 3 Atc's are for a Beauty and the beast
Atc Swap!!

These 2 Atc's are for a {Dia De Los Muertos} or
Day Of The Dead Swap I did ...

These 3 Atc's are for a Lana Del Rey 
Swap I did..
I Love her music!!!

^^ Some Envelopes I made for my Pen-pals !!

Coins from my Friend Juliet in the Uk!!
Her dad finds them while gardening, Isnt that great?!?!!?
I love when she sends me cool stuff like this ^_^

My Vintage 1920's Atc for a swap on

My Vintage Atc with a Bookpage swap !!

Bumble Bee Atc Swap ♥

My Damon Atc for My Vampire Diaries Atc Series Swap!!
I Love it and I really don't want to send it away :-(
but that's what I made it for !!

My Jerseylicious Atc for  Sam's Reality Tv Series Swap

A Postage Stamp Atc I made :-)


Here is my Birthday Package form My Bestfriend Samantha!
Isn't She great?!?!
She always gets me the BEST stuff ^-^

See that Leopard Print Tea Cup?!?!
AMAZING!! My favorite cup now!!

I think she is secretly trying to make me gain weight with
all of that chocolate!!

 In this pic you can see the phone !
I had it on speaker while I was talking to 
Sam and taking these pic's for the blog!!! LoL


And last but not least


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