Sunday, February 19, 2012

No mail Sunday :-(

Since there is no mail today to show you I decided to show you my out going mail for tomorrow.
Also a couple of cute things I recently got :-)

Two letters to Penpals I need to send out on Monday !!
The Hello kitty one is home made stationary.The letter sheets are also pink hello kitty.
I hope she likes them ^_^

The Flowery one is one of my favorite sets I currently have it is so pretty Don't you think?
that letter is going to Akina in Japan <3

~~Here are the backs~~

Here are just some things to fill the blog for today because of the no mail problem with sundays :-)
I got this huge Valentines Day card from my hubby. 
I thought it was cute and wanted to share it with everyone.

I love being surprised with stuff like this !!!

Lastly here's a picture of my very first Tea Cup ^_^

Isn't it so pretty?!?!?
It has a picture of the Colosseum how neat :-)
I love Ancient history so I was super happy to find this as my first tea cup for my collection.
Until next time -Tiffany

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