Friday, February 17, 2012

In The Mail Today ^_^

Here's what was in Today's Mail from my pen-pal's.

The purple letter came from Miss Ronnie in Okotoks, Canada !!
She wrote to me on very cute purple stationary with a woman in a red hat petting a cat on it :-)
Her stamps were of a bumble bee and the other of a fox ^_^

Sorry its blurry i took the photo's with my IPod this morning....

The Hello Kitty/Sesame Street one came from my friend Tsukasa, In Japan!
She also sent me some very cute stickers. Hello kitty because I love anything Hello Kitty, and some shaped like little chocolates ^_^

Her stamp was very pretty as well !!!!

And last but not least my friend Yen from California. She sent me a letter on my most favorite stationary yet  ^_^ 
With a picture of her cute dog choi

And her stamp was of a clipper ship ;-)

Well that's it for now Im going to try to take a nap, I was up all night with a friend :-)

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