Friday, January 4, 2013

Mail,Gifts, and other little bits... continued


Hey guy's ^_^
Last time I posted I didn't have time to add everything 
I wanted to show you, so I'll
show you now haha

Ohhhh... I Haven't reviewed any of my Ipsy bags 
because I had to cancel the membership for a couple of months.
When I re-subscribe I'll start doing
reviews again.
Ok so Ill show you some of the other things I got for x-mas
I didn't get to show in the last post.....

 ^ Brian bought me the pair of jeans on the left, and I bought the ones on the right 

^ I got this shirt to go with the jeans I got....

^ These next few pics are of X-mas presents from my 
best-friend Samantha...
She got me a pair of owl earrings because I love owls, 3 two finger rings, one is of the batman symbol I <3 Batman!!! haha
The other two are tea pots with a cup and sugar spoon so cute ^_^

^ She also got me a BF Hello Kitty necklace and some 
Charms for a charm bracelet :-)
The charms are of the Eiffel Tower , an owl, 2 wine glasses that say
pinot grigio haha, and half a bestfriend heart.
I stuck them on the necklace for now 
until I get the rest of the stuff to make the charm bracelet.
I want to get some more charms ^_^

 ^ She also got me 2 lip products lol
One is a stain which I really wanted to try
Its in a dark red color !!
and the other is more of a gloss stick..
I seriously need to get a big makeup case because I have no where to 
put all the makeup I get ahahaha
She also got me a pair of Chopsticks that have hello kitty on them and 2 
bath fizzies... 
The chopsticks are in the kitchen, and I used one bath fizzy
and Brian used the other one 
because it had a dinosaur toy in it and
well he couldn't resist haha..

I really liked this pic she just took and decided to post it here
even though I'd like to slap her at the moment ^_^

Denise {Brian's Mom } bought these 2 wine glasses
for us to use to bad she's sick right now !!!!! lol

Some new Lipsticks I got 
{ From Right to Left }
Vamp it up, Sugar plum fairy, Cherry Bomb, and Dollhouse Pink
For some reason the first one looks almost black but its not haha 
its a wine/purple color.


Here are some things that I just really want to buy haha

^ I love this dress and I really like the thin belt with a dress look !!
Also who doesn't want a pair of sparkly snakeskin shoes?!?!?! 

^ I love this outfit as well...
It's more of an everyday dress and looks super cute and comfy :-)
and Im totally in love with boots!!


Outgoing mail

 Some post cards I got from Barbara Beggs ^_^
I'm sending out to Julia in Germany and Stephanie in Pennsylvania.

Two things I have to send to Sam one is x-mas stuff but Im still waiting for something to arrive
friggin EBAY!!!! and the other is Tea for her kids.

I think that's about it for now I didnt get anything 
in the mail today so no new letters to post about.......

Until next time -Tiffany

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